December 18, 2017

CRK Training Stable DSC01834 DSC01850 DSC01866 Our Arena has plenty of space to ride! Round Pen
CRK Training Stable
Mare Motel Aisle
Our Arena has plenty of space to ride!
Our lighted Round Pen

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How Parents Can Make The Most of Children’s Riding Lessons~

Imagine you are starting a new job with very complex skills, a demanding boss, and all new surroundings. Sounds pretty daunting. Now imagine you can only work on those new skills for an hour a week. Now add to the mix that you are a child with … [Read More...]

Is Ground Work Really That Important?

Very often we hear the parents of our beginning students lament, "Why does my child spend so much time on the ground stuff? Don't I pay you to teach them how to ride horses?" At CRK Training Stable all students must learn to catch, lead, tie, … [Read More...]

CRK Training Times January 2016

CRK Training Times Bits of News For Horse People January 2016 Happy New Year!   Important January Dates~ Jan. 1, 2016! New Year's Day- No Lessons Jan. 2-10- Cheryl & Steve's Vacation. Jan. 16- Equine Science Classes … [Read More...]

Equine Science Classes

Equine Science Level #1 Session One begins Jan. 16, 2016. Session Two Begins Feb. 27, 2016,  4:30-5:30 PM. $75.00/ 6 weeks or $135.00/12 weeks. (Session one is a pre-requisite for Session Two. Must register for 12 week class before taking session … [Read More...]

CRK Training Times October 2015

Bits of News For Horse People Important October Dates~ Oct. 12- Columbus Day- Lessons as usual. October 21-25- CHA International Conference.- Cheryl & Steve will be continuing their education by attending this conference. Check your … [Read More...]

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Horse?

Nearly every day I'm asked, "How much does it cost to keep a horse?" Of course the variables are many, but here are some basics you can depend upon. Feed- All horses need some sort of roughage daily. This can take the form of hay, pasture grass, … [Read More...]

CRK Training Times September 2015

CRK Training Times Bits of News For Horse People September 2015 Important September Dates~  Sometime during September we will be doing arena maintenance. This will shut down the arena for several days. Once we know the exact dates, you will be … [Read More...]

CRK Training Times August 2015

CRK Training Times Bits of News For Horse People August 2015 Important August Dates~ Aug. 1-6- Cheryl's Vacation Aug. 10-14- Summer Camp Aug 30- Group Lesson Make-up Day Important September Dates~ Sept. 27- Group Lesson Make-up … [Read More...]

CRK Training Times July 2015

CRK Training Times Bits of News For Horse People July 2015 Happy Independence Day! Important July Dates~ July 4- Independence Day- July 12- YLCR Horse Show July 13-17-  Summer Camp- Full July 20-24-Summer Camp- Full July … [Read More...]

CRK Training Times June 2015

CRK Training Times Bits of News For Horse People June 2015 Summertime! Important June Dates~ June 7-12- CHA Instructors Clinic- No Lessons June 14- Free Open House June 15-20- Evaluation week June 21- Fathers Day- No lessons Summer … [Read More...]