December 15, 2017

Charlie- “Too Hot For My Spots”

Too Hot For My Spots aka “Charlie”

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Athena & Charlie

            Charlie came to CRK Stable in September 2013. He had been previously rescued from a horse auction where no one bid on him. Someone purchased him from the parking lot before he could be shipped off to a less than desirable fate. They kept him for a few years letting different people and children trail ride him. Finally he was purchase by Brooktown Ponies for some much needed training and tuning. There he received loads of attention and training from the trainers and her students. He even learned to jump! They also took him to local shows where he competed in flat and over fences classes. He soon became the darling of their barn and was much loved.

            After many months of training, Charlie was ready to move on to a new home. Cheryl & Athena were so impressed with him, Cheryl made an offer after only one look! A deal was quickly struck and Charlie came to live at CRK Training Stable. He is now working in the lesson program for advanced  riders.

 Charlie is a bay tobiano pinto pony, 13.3 hands, 16 years old. He rides both English and western and loves to go out on trail. Be sure to check him out the next time you are at the barn!