November 23, 2017

Conference Schedule- Tentative

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“A Day of Equine Education”

Tentative Speaker and Demonstration Schedule

9/7/14- Riding spots still available! Sign up before they are all gone! Call today for more info- 714-693-4886.


8:00 -8:30– Registration and Introductions. Silent Auction & Trivia Contest Opens

8:30-9:30–       Arena- Sideways- Teaching Pivots & Sidepass   Cheryl Rohnke Kronsberg

                        Barn- Web site design-Mark Burrell-

9:30-10:30–     Arena- Exercises on Horseback-Patty Bogart-Head

                        Barn- How to Save $$ on Your Taxes– Rebecca Bambarger E.A

10:30-11:30–   Arena- Working Obstacles- Cheryl Rohnke Kronsberg

                        Barn- What Would You Do?- An Interactive First-Aid Experience- Dr. David Treser, DVM-

11:30-12:30-   Arena- Jumping- English & Western– Patty Bogart-Head

                        Barn- Bits & Bitting Demystified– Cheryl Rohnke Kronsberg

12:30-1:30 Patio- Lunch-

1:30-2:30–       ArenaEquine Massage-Courtney de Caussin, Certified Equine                                                             Massage Therapist

                        Barn- Teaching Techniques- Patty Bogart-Head

2:30-3:30–       Arena- Western Dressage- Kathleen Elliott

                        Barn-  Shoes vs Barefoot. What do you choose? Steve Vaughan

3:30- 4:30–      Arena- TBA

                        Barn- Risk Management for All Equestrians- Patty Bogart-Head


5:00 CHA Region 10 Meeting-Open to all.

6:30 BBQ DinnerKeynote Speaker-  Why CHA? What it has done for me and what it can do for you. Patty Bogart-Head. Hawaii State Representative

Close Silent Auction, Trivia Contest Awards & Survey Prize

Drinks, & Dessert Discounts – Thrifty Horse Consignment Store. Find a carpool buddy!

Sunday 8/21/14

ACTHA Arena Obstacle Challenge

All Day Private lessons- $25.00/ 30 minutes.