October 18, 2017

Lesson Program

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Flyer in downloadable PDF Form – Click here for Lesson Brochure

What are your Riding Goals?

We want to know!  Whether you are just starting out or have been riding for years, we can help you. CRK Training Stable’s instructors have many years of experience teaching riding. We use the Certified Horsemanship Association program to ensure our students advance quickly and safely.  All students have the option to study the CHA Manuals and take the written and practical tests to earn certificates and patches. All students learn equestrian safety, grooming, leading and saddling along with riding. We happily accept riders 5 years old and up. For safety reasons, Junior Riders begin with leadline lessons until the basic skills are mastered.

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Athena & Charlie
It Takes Two to Tango- Our Equine Teachers-

Great human instructors are only half of the program. You also need a great equine teacher. Our equine teachers, aka- school horses and ponies are highly trained and gentle, most with show experience.The quality of our horses allow our students to progress to higher skill levels than can be found at many other facilities. We know one of the horse/rider pair has to know what to do. If the horse doesn’t know it, the rider can’t learn it! Our horses know it and are ready and willing to teach you! Go to the school horse’s pages to learn more about them and pick your favorite!


Here are some of the highlights of our program-

  • Quality, Experienced Instructors help all students progress safely and effectively.
  • Gentle, Highly-Trained School Horses allow students to gain confidence and learn quickly.
  • English & Western Lessons available so you can choose. Or do both! Don’t know which one you want to learn? Here’s some information about riding styles to help you choose- http://crktrainingstable.com/education-2/whats-a-riding-style/
  • All Lessons Include Grooming & Saddling so you will be ready when you lease or purchase your own horse.
  • Large, Private Lighted Arena keeps traffic and confusion to a minimum. You can concentrate on your lesson!
  • Helmets & Boots Provided. Safety FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS! For more information about required attire, go to- http://crktrainingstable.com/lesson-program/required-riding-attire/
  • Private, Semi-private, Group and Junior Rider Lessons available. Lessons for all skill levels keep you moving forward without being held back by lower level riders.
  • Reasonable Monthly Rates make your equestrian adventure affordable.
  • Lessons for advanced skills like jumping* or showing. No need to go to a specialty (translation- expensive) barn to learn a new skill. We can teach you right here!
  • Horse care classes available to increase your knowledge of these amazing animals.
  • Lesson program includes consistent progress toward the riders goals. You tell us your goal. We can get you there. You will be earning your level patches and certificates in no time!
  • Practice ride program* This program allows our riders without horses to practice without paying the full cost of a lesson. This helps you progress even faster toward your riding goals.
  • Lessons rates start at less than $33.00.
  • Pay-Per-Ride allows you to ride on your schedule. Even if it changes every day!
  • Lessons available most days, even evenings and weekends! Ride on your schedule.

*Restriction apply