December 15, 2017

Required Riding Attire


Before you begin your riding lessons you will need to purchase the proper attire. Just as you would wear a leotard for dance or a bathing suit for swim lessons, riding requires the correct clothes to be effective and safe. Wearing the correct attire will also allow the instructor to better evaluate the rider’s posture and riding position. Remember that riding clothes get dirty, so make sure they are washable!

Plan to purchase-

  • Close-fitting, ankle length long pants – (regular waist, boot-cut jeans, breeches or jodhpurs). Leggings are not recommended. $25.00 and up

  • Riding boots with at least a 3/4 inch heel separate from the sole and a smooth sole. Classic Cowboy, Paddock or Tall boots recommended. Equestrian Riding Athletic Shoes are acceptable.  $85.00 and up

  • Tall Boots

    Tall Boots

  • cowboy boots

    Cowboy Boots

    Paddock Boots

    paddock boots

  • Fitted, sleeved shirt tucked into the pants- A T-shirt is fine. $10.00 and up

  • sport helmet blackAn ASTM/SEI approved HORSEBACK RIDING HELMET- $35.00 and up

  • half chaps

    Half Chaps

  • Half-chaps for English riders if not using tall boots $65.00 and up.

  • Long Hair must be pulled back and tied below the helmet. $.50 hair tie.

  • Optional- Riding gloves, English spurs with black straps or a riding crop.

FOR THE SAFETY OF RIDERS- NO: Tennis shoes, hiking boots, thick-soled boots such as “Fat Baby” boots, fashion boots with inside zippers or decorations, bare feet, sandals, shorts, tank tops, tube tops, capri pants, baggy clothes or bicycle helmets allowed. Leggings are not recommended. No gum chewing , loose jewelry or dangling earrings.  

Riding helmets are available to borrow at no extra charge. Boots are available to borrow for the first few lessons. After that, students must purchase their own boots. Students without proper attire may be denied a lesson without a refund.  

 Items may be purchased at these fine local retail stores-

Yorba Linda Feed Store- 714-524-3222

Thrifty Horse- Norco 951-280-0294

Norco Ranch Outfitters- Norco (951) 735 4130  No Web Site

Broken Horn- Baldwin Park 626-377-4088

Online sources-

Jeffers Equine-

Big Dees-

 Ready to play a game? Here’s what not to wear…

There are lots of unsafe things in this picture. I found ten. How many can you find?








1. No Helmet

2. Rider is wearing shorts, not long pants.

3. Rider is wearing sandles, not boots

4. Stirrups are too short.

5. Riders long hair is loose.

6. Horse and rider are not in a safe space such as an arena.

7. The saddle is too small for the rider.

8.”Instructor” is not watching the rider or horse.

9. Rider is holding the saddle.

10. Rider is not holding the reins correctly.