February 23, 2018

Are you ready?

I was asked to speak at the local riding club meeting a few weeks go and something interesting happened. I never got to the topic I was asked to speak about.

I introduced myself and explained some of the exciting programs I have coming up at our ranch. I also gave some information about my background, experience and such. You know
the usual stuff. Just as I was about to jump into my  topic for the evening, it happened…

Someone in the audience asked a question.  The question was about my riding program.

“How is your program different from all the other camps out there?”

An interesting question to be sure. Am I different? I believe so and here’s what I told them. I explained that I am a Certified Riding Instructor and that I went through a 40 hour testing process to get that certification. I explained that there were two people evaluating me on my personal interaction with students, teaching lessons both mounted and on the ground, horse knowledge and riding ability.  I also had to take a written test. The clinic included some classes on teaching techniques, professionalism and other topics important to riding instructors. I explained the certification levels, how they are attained and what level I received.

Next, I told them that at CRK Training Stable we use a nationally recognized program to help our students learn correctly, quickly and safely, while always keeping it fun and interesting. This program is separated into 4 different levels. Students ride in lessons and study from the manuals before taking 3 tests for each level, written, practical and riding. If they pass the tests they receive a certificate and patch and advance to the next level.

 Well, one questions led to another and before I knew it my time was up. What an amazing evening! Everyone wanted to know what I did to make my riding programs better than the others. I guess these experienced, horse-owning people were surprised that there were better options out there for people to learn to ride. Or to improve their riding skills or their horses training.

So that brings me back to my question- Are you ready to ride?

The CHA Region 10 Conference has opportunities for you to bring your horse and try several different Certified Instructors. See for yourself the difference between a certified instructor and one, um…,  shall we say…. un-certified. There is a better way for you to learn and improve both yourself and your horse. Try it out. At only $15.00 a lesson you don’t have much to lose and so much to gain!