December 15, 2017

Gone but not forgotten

Madeline Rose aka “Maddie”

  When Maddie was only 11 months old, her previous owners divorced and were unable to keep her. After some diligent searching by her previous owner, Maddie came to her forever home at CRK Training Stable. Maddie was in charge of paper and mail delivery. In fact, Maddie loved her job so much she begged to be let out every morning to bring in the newspaper, no command required. Sometimes she just picked it up and carried it around the ranch as long as we would let her.  Maddie lived with us for 12 years and she still brought  in the paper every day, although the Sunday editions were sometimes a little heavy for her. We are sad to report that Maddie lost a very short battle with heart disease on July 16, 2012. She will be greatly missed.


Christopher Torrez- Former Asst. Ranch Manager-

Chris is Cheryl’s son and has been riding and working with horses since he was a young child. After many years competing in both local shows and 4H, Chris won many year-end High Point Buckles, several State Champion riding awards and State Championships in Educational Events such as Demonstration, Hippology and Horse Bowl. Chris’s through equine knowledge ensured all the horses in his care were healthy and happy.

Chris was in charge of day-to-day horse and stable care. He kept all stalls, barns and stable areas neat, clean and safe for our clients. Chris did the mid-day check of all the horses and reported any problems he found, either with the horses or their environment. He also handled all horse care on Steve & Cheryl’s days off- feeding, grooming and turning-out the horses.

Yes, he’s still alive and kicking!   He graduated from Air Force Basic Training on January 17, 2013. Currently he is at Beale Air Force Base in Northern California working in Knowledge Operations. While we miss him terribly, we are very proud of his choice to serve our great country. Good luck Chris and we hope to be seeing you soon!

A1C Chris Torrez

A1C Chris Torrez

 Lace Panties

Lacey DSC03825 Mom & Daughter DSC00230
Playing in the arena. Can you find our identical marking?
Baby KT

Feb 27, 1993- January 2, 2013- Lace Panties aka “Lace” came to CRK Training Stable in 2006 from JDS Paint horses in Bonsall. She had been a broodmare and trail horse for the previous few years and was pregnant when Cheryl bought her.  Lace immediately went into the riding school and quickly became a favorite mount due to her kind disposition and smooth gaits.  As her pregnancy advanced it became harder for the smaller kids to get their legs around Lace’s growing belly. Cheryl had to pull Lace from the riding program 3 months before her due date because her belly was huge! Very soon, along came KT, the cutest, sweetest, hugest, black and white filly you ever saw! Because Lace was such a possessive mom she stayed on maternity leave until KT was weaned 6 months later.

Lace became a full time school horse, teaching her human foals how to be excellent riders and horse handlers. She was 15.1 hands tall, a black & white tobiano registered both APHA and PtHA. In October 2012, Lace contracted Cushings Disease and a severe hoof abscess that would not heal despite aggressive treatment. When it became apparent the recovery was no longer a possibility the decision was made to humanely euthanize her. She will be greatly missed.

P.S. That’s Lace in front and KT behind. They sure look alike don’t they!