December 18, 2017

Furry & Feathered Staff

Our Security Guard- Hunter

Look out bad guys, Hunter is on the job!


When Hunter was very young he left his previous home and began living life “outside of the law”. After awhile he was picked up for trespassing and placed in Doggie Jail. When Cheryl bailed him out in December 2009 he was very close to paying the ultimate price for his crimes. Weighing in at only 70 lbs, plagued with tummy trouble and having very little hair, Hunter needed some TLC!

After re-gaining his health (& 30 lbs.!) he took over security duties on the ranch. Hunter is currently the protector of all the ranch animals, especially the chickens. He keeps all the hawks, coyotes and egrets off the ranch and away from the horses and chickens. Hunter’s favorite job is keeping the wild bunnies from eating the garden.


Hens at work!  Can we go out and get to work? Please!


Our chickens are fun to watch and feed! Most of our current flock were raised from chicks and have grown up on the ranch. In addition to providing very tasty, colorful eggs (that you can buy) they have a very important job to do. Our hens (girl chickens) are in charge of pest control! Upon leaving their coop every morning, they scour the ranch, scratching in every stall looking for (and gobbling up!) bugs, fly eggs, fly larvae and vermin. Without the chickens, our fly population would be out of control.  Thank goodness they love their jobs! And the best part is that they work for chicken feed!