December 15, 2017

Level 1 Lesson #1

Level One    Lesson #1

Answers may be found in the CHA Horsemanship Level One manual on the pages listed.

trail ridingIntroduction and General Horse Information (page 2-3)

1.  Horse sense is _____________________________________________________________.

2. The better you understand horses the more you will  _______________________________.

3. The first choice of a frightened horse is to? _______________________________________

4. What is the second choice of a frightened horse? ___________________________________

5. You should always do what before going near a strange horse? ________________________

Safety Rules (pages 3-7)

1. Horses are easily frightened by loud noises and sudden movements. Therefore you should  ___________________________________________________________________________

2. Never stand directly behind or ________________________________ of a horse.

3. Hand-fed horses may become rude and unruly. Therefore treats should only be fed how?


4. Never tie a horse with what? _________________________________________________

5. When riding, always wear ______________________, _________________________ and ____________________________________ and never ____________________________.