December 15, 2017

Study Guides

study guide   These study guides are designed to help you work your way through the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) Horsemanship Manuals. You can print them out or just work them from your computer. All these guides are password protected. You must be a current CRK Training Stable student to use these guides.  If you forgot this month’s password or never received it, ask your instructor.

   Answers to the study guides can be found in the CRK Stable office. Just print your guide, complete it and bring it in to check your answers.

   If you need a CHA Horsemanship Manual, contact your instructor to purchase one for $20.00. Or you may buy it online from CHA by clicking here-

   Evaluations are scheduled every 6 months. Once you pass your riding test for a level you may take the written and practical tests. Or you may request to be tested at any time. If you are ready to take the tests, let your instructor know. We will be happy to schedule it!