December 15, 2017

Types of Lessons

Private lessons-

            Private Lessons mean it’s all about YOU! Just you, your horse and your instructor! Private lessons can be mounted or un-mounted. All types of training issues can be addressed or specialized instruction is available during your private lesson. Want to learn how to side-pass? How about lunging? Or perhaps counter-canter? You get to choose! Not sure what you need? Our CERTIFIED INSTRUCTORS will make sure you are learning appropriate skills, quickly and safely. PLUS you get all the individual attention you need to excel!  Private lessons can be 60 minute “Groom & Ride’ or 30 minute “Ride Only”. You choose!

During your Private Lesson you may-

  •       Halter, lead, tie and groom

  •       Saddle your horse

  •       Bridle your horse

  •       Mount and dismount

  •       Learn new, exciting skills from walk and trot all the way up to canter!

  •       Receive excellent feedback and encouragement

  •       Improve existing skills

  •       Un-tack and put your horse away

  •          30 minute “Ride Only” private lessons are available for riders with their own horses or on CRK Horses.

Semi-Private Lessons-

            Bring a friend or family member and save! Semi-private lessons are available for beginners through advanced riders. It’s almost the same as a private lesson, but double the fun! This is an excellent way for parents to bond with their child, ladies to have some great “girl time” or two friends to enjoy an fun activity together. All beginner students will be in Private or Semi-private lessons until they can safely catch, lead, groom and saddle without supervision and ride at walk and trot safely. These lessons are always “Groom & Ride”

 During your Semi-Private lesson you will-

  •       Halter, lead, tie and groom

  •       Saddle your horse

  •       Bridle your horse

  •       Mount and dismount

  •       Learn new, exciting skills

  •       Improve current skills

  •       Receive excellent feedback and encouragement

  •       Un-tack and put your horse away

  •             A full HOUR of instruction.  

All lessons will include a tack/equipment check at the beginning of the lesson. Lessons for riders with their own horses will begin at the appointed time, with the rider ready to mount or already mounted.

Group Lessons-

            Group lessons are a great way to advance your skills while saving money! During your group lessons you will ride with up to 5 other riders. Group lessons may be for general riding or have a specific focus such as showing, jumping, English or Western riding.  All Group lessons at CRK Stable are divided according to the Certified Horsemanship Association rider standards (see the standards below). Group lesson riders receive up to 20 minutes before and after the lessons to prepare and care for the horses at no additional charge!    This time is not attended by an instructor, therefore; riders must be proficient in these skills prior to entering a group lesson.  Riders on CRK School horses may not mount until a safety check of the riders tack has been completed by the instructor. All riders are evaluated on a regular basis so they may advance to the next level or riders may request an evaluation at any time.  Specialty group riders will also learn to set obstacles and jumps while helping with arena set up.

 During your group lesson you will –

  •       Receive 50 minutes of lesson/riding time plus up to 40 minutes of horse prep and care time.

  •       Work on skills individually and as a group.

  •       Learn by watching the other riders.

  •       Meet new friends.

  •       Learn new skills.

  •       Play games on horseback.

  •       Not miss lessons due to weather. (Non-riding lesson may be substituted).

  •       Receive excellent feedback and encouragement.

  •       Have fun!

jr rider 2Junior Rider Lesson Program

The most important thing for any lesson is to keep the riders as safe as possible. Therefore; our junior riders always ride in private, lead-line lessons. Our certified instructors control the horse until the rider is capable of controlling it themselves. The 30-minute lesson format keeps our young riders attentive to the lesson without over-tiring them. During the lesson, junior riders will learn safety around horses, assist with grooming and saddling, lead the horse to the arena and mount. Once mounted, junior riders begin like all our riders- go, stop and steer. As they progress, additional skills and exercises are added. We also put in lots of games to keep things fun! CRK Junior riders are 5 to 7 years old.



CHA Rider Level Standards-

Level 1- Complete beginners. At CRK, level 1 riders work in private or semi-private lessons until they are accomplished at-haltering, leading, tying, grooming, saddling, riding, steering and stopping at a walk and have begun sitting trot. To complete the level one riding test riders must be able to accomplish these skills without instruction- Catch, halter, lead, tie, groom, saddle, bridle and ride at a walk, sitting and posting trot (with and  without stirrups), circles, reverses and two-point or balance position with control and mindfulness for safety.

Level 2- Level 2 riders are confident with all level 1 skills. Level 2 riders will be introduced to canter/lope individually while improving their walk/trot skills. New skills learned at this level are- Canter/Lope individually, recognize diagonals, backing, pivot on the forehand, trotting over a series of ground poles, two point or balance position at trot and patterns.

Level 3- Level 3 riders are confident with all level 2 skills and have mastered individual lope/canter. These riders will learn how to lope/canter as a group, two point/balance position at canter/lope, recognize leads, feel diagonals without looking, pivot on the haunches, side pass, more advanced patterns and loping over ground poles.

level 4- Level 4 riders are confident with all level 3 skills. These riders are ready to move on to the bigger challenges of this level such as- Simple and flying lead changes, counter-canter, jumping, trail obstacles, leg yield, shoulder and haunches in, advanced patterns, collection and extension of all gaits.