December 15, 2017

School Horses

DSC03772 Charlie 9-28-2013 011 Penny 0614 002_crop
Athena & Charlie

     Our school horses a.k.a. Equine Teachers are a great asset to our program. While human teachers are important we all know it takes two to tango. The quality and training of our school horses allows our stuednts to progress quickly and safely. If the horse dosen’t know it, the student can’t learn it! Our horses are very highly trainined, many with upper level show experience. Because they know so much, you can and will be able to learn many new things at CRK! Want to side pass? All our horses know that one. How about flying lead changes? That’s Holly.  Want an easy lope/canter? Better pick Maggie!


Browse through our horses individual pages and choose your favorite! Then when you come for a visit you can say Hello to your new best friend! And our horses are always happy to accept a carrot or two after the ride. Just make sure you ask how to properly feed the treat. We don’t want any nipped fingers!