December 18, 2017

October Newsletter CRK Training Times

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Fall Is Here!

 Important October Dates~

         Oct. 9- Highland Riders Show

            Oct. 10- Fall Session Begins

            Oct. 23- Mira Loma Schooling Show

            Oct. 31- Halloween- No Class

Important November Dates~

         Nov. 6- Daylight Savings Ends

            Nov. 24-25- Thanksgiving Holiday- No        lessons.

Important December Dates~

            Dec. 24- Christmas Eve- No Lessons

            Dec. 25- Christmas- No Lessons

CHA Conference~

          The CHA conference is now history and it was a great success! We had riders from as far away as Mountain Center and spectators from Reno, Nevada! Everyone enjoyed the lessons and speakers. Many got amazing deals on silent auction items, including Hunter! Cheryl purchased Hunter a new dog toy for only $3.00! If you missed it, you missed out on a great time! Better luck next year!

            We would like to thank all our wonderful speakers for giving us their time and knowledge.


            Dr. David Treser. E.V.A. 714-777-3942

            Steve Vaughan, Farrier 714-812-8671

            Lisa Lerch, Esq. Legal Equestrian


            Suzi Carragher, Marketing


            Christy Landwehr, Arena Exercises

            Lori Hall-McNary- Gymkhana

            Don Kleckner- Trail & Round Pen

            And special thanks to Yorba Linda Feed Store for donating lots of items for our silent auction.

It’s My Birthday, But You Get The Present!

Cheryl’s Birthday is during the month of October. As a special thank you to all our loyal clients, she is giving you a present! October specialized riding lessons are 50% OFF! Bring your horse and enjoy a specialty lesson with Cheryl. Learn something new. Or try something just for fun! At this price you don’t have much to lose and lots to gain! Only $20.00 for a 60 minute group lesson.  School horses may be available for an additional fee. All lessons will be held at CRK Training Stable.

 Lessons topics & times:

Improve Your Control- Mondays 10:00 AM

Intro to Showing – Fridays 4:00 PM

Intro to Jumping- Saturdays 10:00 AM

Trail Obstacles- Sundays 3:00 PM

Drill Team- Sundays 4:00 PM

 Space is limited, so reserve your lesson today! Call for details. All horses not living at CRK Stables must have proof of current vaccinations. All riders must complete liability releases.

Fall Class Special~

          CRK Stable is offering a new, exciting Fall Horsemanship Program. This program will include either private or semi-private lessons along with Horsemanship (non-riding) classes. A CHA Level #1 Book is also included! Buy the package and you will save over $200.00!

            Here’s a bonus for my Current Clients- You may join the Horsemanship classes for only $160.00 for all 8 classes. That’s half price! These classes are designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to pass the level #1 practical and written tests. Also, If you have your own horse and refer a friend to the program, you will receive 4 free group lessons! If you don’t have a horse, and you refer a friend, you will get an additional $80 discount for the classes. That’s only $12.50 per class!

For info, please check the website or ask Cheryl.

 Blanket Service~

Blanket service will be available beginning October 1, 2011. If you sign up for blanket service, CRK staff will manage your horses blanketing needs. CRK Training Stable staff blankets according to the temperature, not according to the clock. Blankets are put on or taken off when the temperature is approximately 60 degrees. Blankets will be left on or off as weather conditions warrant.

Blanket service is billed on a monthly basis only. Partial months will be charged $3.00 per day. To request blanket service for your horse(s), please fill out a blanket service request form and place it, with payment, in the payment mailbox. The appropriate charge will then be added to your next statement.

Full service: $60.00 mo. -Includes putting the horse’s blanket on in the evening and removing it in the morning.($30.00 if the horse is in full training.)

Partial service: $40.00 mo. – Includes removing the blanket in the mornings OR putting it on at night. 

Vacation blanketing: $3.00 per day (am & pm)

Emergency blanketing or removal $5.00 per incident. (You must call to request emergency blanket service.)

            CRK Stable reserves the right to charge extra or deny blanketing service for difficult or uncooperative horses. An extra charge may also apply to train horses to stand to be blanketed.

Vet Schedules~

          Cheryl’s horses are due for their fall shots, are yours? Please be sure your horses are up to date so you don’t get charged a “Late Vaccination Fee”. Please keep in mind that some vaccines must be given twice a year. Some are only once a year. Most people give the 2X a year shots at the same time they give the annual ones, and that’s fine. That’s what I do. However; if you are late with the twice a year ones it doesn’t change the due date for once a year vaccines. Now you must give shots three times a year to keep up to date, since you no longer are giving the annual and semi-annual ones at the same time. Here is an example: Let’s say you give all the shots in June 2010 (West Nile, Rhino, Tetanus, WEE, EEE and Flu). Your semi-annual shots are due in December 2010 (West Nile, Rhino & Flu), but you forgot and didn’t do them until April 2011. Your annual shots(WEE, EEE and Tetanus) are still due in June 2011!! Your semi- annual shots are now due in October 2011. That’s 3 vet calls during 2011(April, June & October) because you forgot. I know we are all trying to save money on vet calls, but please don’t compromise the health of all the horses here at CRK for a few dollars. Plus, the late vaccination fees will cost more than the vet call charge would have been. 

           Now would be a good time to update your worming program as well. Let’s keep them all happy and healthy this fall!

Horse For Lease~

            Doc’s Holly Smoke aka Holly is available for half lease. Riders must be capable of walk, trot and canter as well as complete grooming and saddling in order to lease a CRK horse. Lease includes 2 days of independent riding per week and one group lesson.  Use of CRK tack is not included. If you are interested in leasing Holly, please contact Cheryl.

Final 2011 Horse Show~

            The final horse show of the 2011 season will be held at the Mira Loma show grounds on October 23rd. If you are interested in attending this show, please watch for the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board. This is a schooling show. Show clothes and fancy tack are not required, but you do need a horse! Lessons will be cancelled if we decide to go to this show. As a service to my clients, costs for this show will be greatly discounted.

Trailer fee $40.00 per horse.

Trainer fee $25.00 per client.

CRK Horse & Tack use $50.00.

+ your entry fees.

Let me know if you want to go!

 Testimonials & Questions~

Please take a moment to leave a comment, question or testimonial about your experience’s at CRK Training Stable. All comments and questions must be approved before they will appear on the web site. Thank You!

Quotable Quotes~

The horse knows how to be a horse if we will leave him alone… but the riders don’t know how to ride. What we should be doing is creating riders and that takes care of the horse immediately. ~ Charles de Kunffy

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from any direction. ~ Cowboy saying

That’s all folks!

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