February 23, 2018

Broken Horn Sale Today!

Look what I won today!

Today’s Adventure-

            As I do every year, I went to the Broken Horn Sale today. Now for those who don’t know, Broken Horn is an amazing store in San Dimas. It is filled with everything horse related even I could want. It is the place to stock up on horsey stuff. And during their semi-annual sale, it’s even better. They have loads of stuff on sale at really cheap prices. They also discount the entire store 10%. Well everything except feed and bedding that is. Although the sale is a mere shadow of its former self, it’s still a fun outing. Gone are the free hot dogs, sodas and buckets. But they still have the hourly drawings and saddle give-aways.

            In addition, the sale is attended by many sales reps talking about their products. These people are a great resource.  They can tell you about all the new research in their industry. Most of the sale items were strategically placed outside the store.  So, as I walked to the entrance, I was picking up the items I wanted. I stopped to chat with the sales rep from Sher-Mar Enterprises, the makers of Four Flex. As it turned out, he wasn’t a sales rep, he was the owner, Sherrel Heath.  After I told him I was going to buy his product for our dog, he proceeded to tell me that the product was originally made for dogs. He explained how he started the business because of a dog named Bear and the Yucca plant. His dog was getting old and had arthritis.  His wife, Maggie, told how they gave Yucca to the horses when she was a kid. So Sherrel gave Yucca to Bear, and he got better. Bear lived to be 15 years old. Then he gave it to his horses and they got better to. So he did his research and began marketing  Pure Desert Yucca. Fast forward to the 90’s and the introduction of Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine Sulfate. He researched those products also and added it to the Yucca. He also added MSM which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties . Now he had a new product with 4 ingredients.  He named it Four Flex.  The original Four Flex label featured a picture of Bear, the dog. Pretty Cool.

Maddie wants a treat!

            We have been giving Four Flex to our dog Maddie for quite some time now. It has helped her with her arthritis.  I asked Mr. Heath if the product would help a horse with Navicular Disease. He said it would, so I purchased the extra large bucket. Now both Lace and Maddie will get Four Flex daily. Why was I so willing to take this man’s word that his product would help? Well, maybe because he told me not to buy his more expensive product, Four Flex HA. He didn’t just push his product on me. He asked some very pertinent questions. He listened to my answers and gave me answers in return. Mr. Heath told me that Four Flex HA would not work for my situation and not to waste the money. I liked that. He knows and believes in his products. I know this product works for my dog. I’m hoping it will do the same for my horse.  Anyway, he’s a really cool guy who was promoting his products to help animals have longer, more productive lives.  And that’s a good thing in my book.

            Now you are wondering why the picture at the top of the post isn’t of Four Flex.  Well, I didn’t get it free, I had to pay for it. That picture is of the really cool stuff I won.  For Free! Remember the drawing I told you about? Well my name was drawn first and I got first pick of the 10 items available. That picture is what I picked. The really nice gear bag with boot holders on the side will come in handy for traveling to clinics.  It was filled with all the products you see in the picture.  Some I will use and some I won’t. The extra ones will be donated to the CHA Silent Auction next Sunday. If you see something you would like to have, be sure to come to the CHA Region 10 Conference September 25th at CRK Stable. You could just get an amazing deal on some really cool stuff.  It’s almost like getting it free! Ok maybe not free, but the money is for a really good cause, and that’s good for everyone! Just don’t get your heart set on the bag. I’m keeping that. See you there!