December 15, 2017

AR Pretty Julena “Maggie”

AR Pretty Julena


IMG_0673 IMG_0675 075_crop
Maggie give lessons during the CRK Open Barn Event.

            Maggie is an AQHA registered 16 yr, old sorrel mare standing 15.1 hands. She has a star, snip & strip and two white hind socks. She comes to CRK Stable with a rich and varied background. Maggie was born and raised at the amazing Atwood Ranch where she was given a great start. Once she was old enough to be ridden, she was gently started and then sent to a Reining trainer to be finished. Her talent shined through so much that her owners decided to breed her so she could pass on her genes. Therefore; she was returned to the broodmare band at the home ranch.  Around that time, the economy began its downslide and Maggie was never bred. After hanging out in pasture with the other mares for several years, she was sold to a nearby trainer, Leonard Grenier

            Leonard put some miles on Maggie and worked cattle with her. She displayed such talent they started showing her in Western Dressage and Obstacle Challenges.  Maggie excelled in both events. Now she is here at CRK, ready and willing to teach you everything she knows. She is always standing by with a soft nicker and happy to take a carrot in return. Be sure to check out Maggie the next time you are at the ranch!