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CRK Training Times- January 2012


CRK Training Times

 Bits of New for Horse People  

January 2012

Welcome 2012 ~

Welcome to 2012!  I am very happy to welcome in the new year. I offer no resolutions, just my best effort to appreciate those things life has given me, love my family and keep my friends close to my heart. Hope you have a great year in 2012!

Important Jan. Dates~

Jan 1- Happy New Year! No Lessons

Jan. 22- Free class: Horses 101

Jan. 29- Free class: Feeds & Nutrition

Important February Dates~

Feb. 5- Free class: Tack selection and care

Feb. 12- Free class: Bits and their uses.

Feb. 19- Free class: Ouchies and other worries

Feb. 26- Free class: Mommy can I have a Pony?- How to purchase a horse.

 No Lesson Days~

There will be no lessons or training on the following days. Please make a note of it. Your account has been adjusted to reflect these changes. If you would prefer to re-schedule your lesson, please contact Cheryl directly.  Thank you!

Jan. 1- New Year’s Day


Show Season 2012~

          Show season will soon be upon us. Make sure you are working toward your goals so you will be ready to compete! Openings still exist in the Show Group Fridays at 4:00pm. This group lesson included showmanship and riding skills with an emphasis on showing. $180.00 month.

            Be on the lookout for the Show Meeting. This informative meeting is open to all clients and will give you the information you need to show this season.  This year’s meeting will be held once Cheryl has all the local show dates, usually in late February or early March.


Trivia Challenge~
1. What color were the 100 horses in the 2012 Rose Parade?
2. What was Roy Rogers horse Named?
3. What breed was Roy Rogers Horse?
4. What is the highest part of the horses back called?
5. How many hocks does a horse have?
6. How many ergots does a horse have?
7.  What is a “colt”?
8. What is a “pony”?
9. What is the oldest breed of horse?
10. What is the difference between a “Paint” and a “Pinto”?

            Answers to all these questions will be given during the free Horses 101 class to be held on January 22, 2012. RSVP to reserve your spot.  See below for more information. Answers will also appear in next month’s edition of the times. __________________________________________


Free Horse Care Classes~

          Beginning in January, Cheryl will be offering free lecture classes at the stable. These classes will be open to the public, but space may be limited. Classes will be offered every week beginning January 22nd.  Classes will be held at CRK Training Stable Sundays at 2:00-3:00 pm.  An additional class will be offered from 3:00-4:00pm for only $5.00 including refreshments and a free raffle.  Please reserve your space in advance by calling 714-693-4886 or online at

Topics will be:  

1/22- Horse 101- Terms, colors, markings, parts, and breeds. Optional Class- Ground handling demo- includes leading, free(round pen) and lunging. ($5.00 fee includes refreshments)

1/29- Hay Mom! What’s for Dinner?- Feeds, feeding and nutrition. Optional Class- Design a feed program for your horse. Analyze feed samples. ($5.00 fee includes refreshments)

2/5- How Tacky!- Saddles, Bridles and other tack- Their selection and care. Optional Class-Tack cleaning and inspection. Bring your tack or learn to clean using our. Tack inspection included. You can even bring your horse for a tack fit evaluation. ($5.00 fee includes refreshments)

2/12- Bits and Bits and Bits and Bits- Bit use, care and selection. Optional Class- Demonstration ride showing how different bits work. ($5.00 fee includes refreshments)

2/19- Ouchies and other worries- Routine health care and Equine First Aid Optional Class- How to take temperature, pulse and respiration rates, check capillary refill and bandage wrap legs. ($5.00 fee includes refreshments)

2/26- Mommy can I have a Pony?- How to purchase a horse. Optional Class Common conformation faults and how to evaluate a horses way of going. ($5.00 fee includes refreshments)

            Please pass this information on to any who you feel would be interested. Thank You!


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