December 18, 2017

CRK Training Times June 2012

Bits of News for Horse People

Important June Dates~

June 4-8- Palomar Clinic-No Lessons

June 10- YLCR Show

June 17- Father’s Day

June 20- Summer Solstice

Important July Dates~

July 4- Independence Day- No lessons

July 9-13- Summer Camp

July 15- YLCR Horse Show

July 16-20- Summer Camp


 No Lesson Days~

Cheryl will be working the Home Schooling Expo in Long Beach on May 25 & 26. She will also be conducting a clinic June 4-8.  All lessons will be cancelled during these times and your account will be adjusted to reflect this change. If you would like to reschedule your lesson, please call Cheryl ASAP, before all the lesson times are taken. Thank you for your understanding.   

          In case you forget which day lessons will or won’t be held, consult our web site- for all lesson information. You can find more information about all our events as well.

 Summer Bits and Pieces~

Schedule Changes~ Summer always bring lots of changes here at the ranch. Clients go on vacation, summer campers arrive, new clients start, others take the summer off and show season kicks into high gear. Due to all these issues Cheryl must make some changes to the summer lesson schedule. Here are some of the changes that will begin in June.

Cancelled – Friday 4:00 pm Show Group
Cancelled – Saturday Intro to Jumping 10:00 group
Added- Level 2+ Group- Saturdays 9:00 am
Added -Level 3+ Group- Mondays 4:30 pm
If you wish to join one or more of these new groups, please contact Cheryl ASAP. We still only have 2 school horses, so you better be quick if you ride Holly or Lace!
Vacation Requests~
If you will be leaving on vacation this summer please give written notice as soon as possible. Include your name, the student’s name, the dates you will be gone and whether you wish to make-up the lessons or receive vacation credit. You may have 4 weeks of vacation credit per year. We reserve the right to deny a vacation credit, only allow lesson make-ups or charge a re-billing fee if vacation notice is received after statements are emailed on the 20th of the month.
Ranch Attire~
I know it gets really, really hot during the summer but please remember to wear correct attire when visiting the ranch. The safety of our clients is always our first priority. Therefore; sandals, flip-flops and clogs are not permitted in the barn areas at any time. Non-riders wearing sandals will be directed to the spectator areas behind the arena.
Riders must always wear sleeved shirts, long pants and riding boots. Tank tops, shorts and Capri pants are not acceptable riding attire. If you show up to ride in this attire, you will be denied a lesson that day.  Thank you for your understanding.


Shows 2012 ~

Our first show of the 2012 season was a great success! Sherry Shih & Holly come home with 3 firsts, 2 seconds and English W/T High Point. Athena Williams took home 3 firsts, 3 seconds and a third for Reserve English High Point. Sheridan Pipkin (riding in her very first show ever) and Holly, took several thirds and a fourth.  Way to go everyone!

We are looking forward to the June 10th YLCR show and hoping Caroline Ong & Chewie will be well enough to compete. Be sure to sign up early if you want to attend.

June Trivia Challenge!

Can you name 10 things your equine caregiver should know when you are away on vacation? Answers may be found on in the blog post Summer Vacation Tips.  Answers to last month’s Trivia Challenge-

Can you name these equine body parts?

1. The top of the neck. Crest

2. The pointed joint on the hind leg. Hock

3. The lowest joint of the leg. Fetlock

4. The highest part of the back. Withers

5. The lowest part of the back. Back

6. The part of the horse we sit on. Back

7. The measurement around the horse just behind the front legs. Heart Girth

8. The top of the head. Poll

9. This part swivels and tells us what the horse is thinking. Ears

10. This part moves to help keep flies away. Tail or skin.


We Need Your Help~
Helpers are needed for our upcoming Summer Camp. We need teachers for crafts, horse science and ranch life. We also need 1 counselors for each group of 6 kids. Counselors must be 16 years old, have horse experience and be able to help groom, saddle and unsaddle horses each day. Teachers may be 14 or older. High School age helpers will receive Community Service hours for their time. You must be available both weeks from 7:30- 12:30 Monday – Friday. 

            YELP, YELP! If you are a yelper, please put an endorsement for CRK Training Stable on our Yelp! page. Thanks! ___________________________________

How Can We Help You?

            Please take a moment to email Cheryl about lessons, programs, clinics or camps you would like to participate in at CRK. We all get in a rut sometimes and would greatly appreciate your input.

            Be sure to like our Facebook page, CRK Training Stable, to get the most current blog posts, training tips and event news. Cheryl also has a page on LinkedIn.


That’s All For Now~

We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. If you have contributions for the news letter, contact Cheryl by E-mail at:

or snail mail at:

18245 Bastanchury Road

Yorba Linda, CA 92886

or phone (714) 693-4886

That’s all folks!

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