December 18, 2017

CRK Training Times November 2011

 Happy Thanksgiving!

 Important November Dates~

Nov. 6- Daylight Savings Ends

Nov. 13- Bits & Bitting Clinic

Nov. 24-Thanksgiving Holiday

 Important December Dates~

Dec. 24- Christmas Eve- No Lessons

Dec. 25- Christmas- No Lessons

Important January Dates~

Jan. 1- Happy New Year! No Lessons


Bits & Bitting Clinic~

            Sunday November 13, 2011 at 1:00-3:00 PM – Bring your horse and Cheryl will assess your bit! If you are having problems or just want to double-check this is the clinic for you! The clinic will begin with a short lecture about different types of bits. We will then allow for students to get their horses out to be evaluated for bridle and bit fit, correct use of the bit you have and to change the bit if necessary. Spectators are free and riders are only $20.00 each. Be sure to sign up early as space for horse/rider combos is limited. After the clinic, double your fun by adding the Trail class to your day.  Contact Cheryl directly or get more info on the web site- See you at the barn!  


November Lesson Specials~

The following lessons will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. These lessons are a group format, 1 hour each. You must have Cheryl’s approval to ride in the Intro to Jumping and Trail classes. $30.00 with your own horse, $40.00 with a CRK School horse.

Lessons topics & times:

Intro to Showing – Fridays 4:00 PM

Intro to Jumping- Saturdays 10:00 AM

Improve Your Control- Saturdays 3:00 PM

Trail Obstacles- Sundays 3:00 PM


Horse For Lease~

            Doc’s Holly Smoke aka Holly is available for half lease. Riders must be capable of grooming, saddling, riding at a walk, trot and in order to lease a CRK horse. Lease includes 2 days of independent riding per week and one group lesson.  Use of CRK tack is not included. If you are interested in leasing Holly, please contact Cheryl.


Final 2011 Horse Show?~

            Our final show of the 2011 season was a great success. Two riders took the plunge into the horse show pond and came up winners! Sherry rode Holly and Caroline  rode Chewie in the Open Walk/Trot division at the Mira Loma show on Sunday 10/23/11. This was the first show for Caroline and the first time Sherry showed Holly. Both riders demonstrate great promise as show riders. I look forward to seeing their continued progress next year.

 Sherry & Holly-

W/T Equitation- 2nd

W/T Pleasure- 1st.

Country Pleasure- 1st.


Caroline & Chewie-

W/T Equitation- 4th

W/T Pleasure- 2nd.

Country Pleasure- 2nd. 

Congratulations girls!

            This was to be the last show of the 2011 season, but these girls had so much fun they may want to go to the November show also. We’ll keep you posted!


Testimonials, Questions & Referrals~

Please take a moment to respond to this email with your testimonial about your experience’s at CRK Training Stable. We would love to put your input on our new WEB SITE! If you have any questions please email me. If you know anyone who would like this newsletter emailed directly to them, they can join the CRK club from our website. If anyone you know would benefit from my services, please let me know. I will be happy to contact them. When they sign up, you will receive a $25.00 gift card to a local restaurant as our way of saying Thank You!


Quotable Quotes~

A stubborn horse walks behind you, an impatient horse walks in front of you, but a noble companion walks beside you.

Since this seems to be the month for riders with confidence issues, this one is for you.

Your horse can only be as brave as you are.

That’s all folks!

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