December 18, 2017

CRK Training Times October 2013

CRK Training Times

Bits of News For Horse People

October 2013

 Welcome Fall!

 Happy Fall!

Important October Dates~

Oct. 14- Columbus Day- Lessons as usual

Oct. 27- Western Dressage Show- Norco

Oct. 31- Happy Halloween!!

Important November Dates~

Nov. 3- Daylight Savings time ends. Remember to set your clocks back!

Nov. 8- YLCR Banquet- No Lessons after 4:30 PM.

Nov. 11- Veterans Day- Lessons as usual

Nov. 28- Thanksgiving Day- No Lessons

Important December Dates~

Dec. 21- First Day of Winter

Dec. 24- Christmas Eve- No Lessons

Dec. 25. Christmas- No Lessons

Dec. 31- New Year’s Eve- No Lessons

Important January Dates~

January 1 2014! New Year’s Day- No Lessons

No Lesson Days~

No lessons will be held on the following days. Your account will be credited. Please make a note of it. If you would prefer to reschedule your lesson, please call the office. Thank You!

Friday Nov. 8 after 4:30 pm,

Thursday Nov. 28- Thanksgiving

Tuesday Dec. 24- Christmas Eve

Wednesday Dec. 25. Christmas Day

Tuesday Dec. 31- New Year’s Eve

Wednesday Jan. 1, 2014- New Year’s Day!!


4h horseYorba Linda Cloverleafs 4H Horse Project~             

Do you want to learn all about horses?

Do you want to make lots of horse loving friends?

Do you own a horse and want to compete?

Do you not own a horse and want to compete?


  • ·       Who should Join?- Horse lovers between the ages of 9-19.
  • ·       Who teaches the project? Leader- Athena Fosnight: 4H State Champion English Rider, State Champion in Horse Bowl, Hippology and Demonstration. Asst. Leader- Cheryl R. Kronsberg: Former Horse Project Leader, Master Riding Instructor and AQHA Prof. Horsewoman
  • ·       What happens at Horse Project Meetings? Each month will have a different topic to learn. Members will also play games, work with horses, go on field trips, make friends and have fun!
  • ·       When are the meetings? The YL Cloverleafs meet on the 2nd Monday each month. Horse project meets the 2nd Friday of the month.
  • ·       Where are the meetings? Horse Project will meet at CRK Training Stable in Yorba Linda.
  • ·       How much does it cost? Horse & Pony project cost just $10.00 for the entire year + 4H membership fees.
  • ·       Do I need a horse to join? No, horse ownership is not required, but it helps! You do need your own horse to ride in 4H Horse Shows.

How do I sign up? Attend the YL Cloverleafs meeting at the YL Library on October 13th @7:00 pm or contact the leaders by calling or emailing CRK Training Stable.

 CHA Region 10 Conference~

            The CHA Region 10 Conference for 2013 is now history. If you missed out, you missed a lot! We had wonderful weather which is very important in Norco! Our speakers and presenters were fabulous. Many people came from far and near to attend. We even has someone come all the way from Arizona!

            The silent auction was great fun. The bidding got fast and furious during the last few minutes with many bidders being denied their prize at the very last second. I’m reluctant to report that I may have overspent my budget, but at least I came home with some very nice items! The trivia contest was greatly enjoyed with everyone who participated learning something new.

            All the riders had a wonderful time riding at this spectacular facility. They benefited significantly from the information and new skills they learned. It was a fantastic day of equine education for spectators, horses and riders alike.

            Start planning now to attend next year’s Conference. Tentative plans are to hold it at the same location  in Norco during the final weeks of September. So mark your calendars now!  

Horse Show News~

It’s a good thing we had a break in the show season. I’d have hated to show during this crazy, long heat wave! Congratulations to Caroline Ong and Justice for winning the YLCR English W/T Year End High Point!!! Be sure to ask to see Caroline’s shiny new award buckle!!  

We Did It Again! New Horse~ 


         Another new, long face has arrived at CRK.  Charlie was just purchased. He’s a Pinto gelding, 14 hands, bay tobiano, 12 years old. Charlie is very sweet, kind and honest. He loves to go out on trail and even jumps! Charlie is big bodied enough for adults and gentle enough for kids! Be sure to look for Charlie the next time you’re at the barn! He should be working in the lesson program very soon!

New Group Lessons~

            Now that the kids are going back to school it’s time to shake up the lesson schedule a bit. The following new group lessons began in September. If you have been recommended to go into group lesson, pick one and sign up today! All group lesson riders must be capable of catching, tying, grooming, tacking, cooling out, un-tacking and putting their horse away without supervision.  Call Cheryl to sign up today!

            Saturdays- 3:00-4:00pm- English or Western, Level 3+. Riders must be confident at walk, jog/trot, and canter/lope. During this class riders will learn to recognize leads and begin working over poles at trot and canter/lope. This class has room for 3 riders.

            Saturdays- 4:00-5:00 pm. English or Western Level 2+. Riders must be confident at walk, sitting jog/trot and posting trot. During this class riders will begin working toward canter and become more confident at recognizing diagonals. This class has room for 6 riders.

Blanket Season~

Blanket service will be available beginning October 1, 2011. If you sign up for blanket service, CRK staff will manage your horse’s blanketing needs. CRK Training Stable staff blankets according to the temperature, not according to the clock. Blankets are put on or taken off when the temperature is approximately 55-60 degrees. Blankets may be left on or off as weather conditions warrant.

Blanket service is billed on a monthly basis only. Partial months will be charged $3.00 per day. To request blanket service for your horse(s), please fill out a blanket service request form and place it, with payment, in the payment mailbox. The appropriate charge will then be added to your future statements. 

Full service: $70.00 mo. -Includes putting the horse’s blanket on in the evening and removing it in the morning.($30.00 if the horse is in full training.)

Partial service: $40.00 mo. – Includes removing the blanket in the mornings OR putting it on at night.  

Vacation blanketing: $3.00 per day (am & pm)

Emergency blanketing or removal $5.00 per occurrence. You must call to request emergency blanket service. Keep in mind that we are not always on the ranch and may not be available.

            CRK Stable reserves the right to charge extra or deny blanketing service for difficult or uncooperative horses. An extra charge may also apply to train horses to stand to be blanketed.  

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you and your horse!

 Quotable Quotes~

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” – Sir Winston Churchill

 “Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.” – Samuel Johnson

       That’s all folks!


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