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CRK Training Times February 2012

CRK Training Times

Bits of News For Horse People                        February 2012


Important Jan. Dates~
Jan. 29- Free class: Feeds & Nutrition

Important February Dates~

Feb. 2-4- Horse Expo LA Fairground.
 Feb. 5- Free class: Tack selection and care
Feb. 12- Free class: Bits and their uses.
Feb. 12- Mira Loma Schooling Show
Feb. 14- Valentine’s Day- Lessons as usual.
Feb. 19- Free class: Ouchies and other worries- Equine First Aid.
Feb. 24- CRK Show Meeting 7:00 pm
Feb. 26- Free class: Mommy can I have a Pony?- How to purchase a horse.

Important March Dates~

March 11- Daylight Savings Begins
March 17- St. Patrick’s Day- Wear CRK Green!
March 18- Mira Loma Schooling Show
March 20- Spring Begins!

My First Horse Show~     

        When I was a kid, my friends and I decided to go to the local playday. We had never been in a horse show before but how hard could it be? I had owned my horse for over a year and we had come a long way from our very dicey beginnings. I looked at the requirements printed on the Playday premium.- Attire- Long-sleeved shirt, tie, long pants and boots. Well heck! I had most of those things already! The only thing I was missing was a tie so Mom took me to the local tack store and bought one. My “show outfit” consisted of my best pair of jeans, my only pair of boots, one of my brother’s old shirts and my brand new bolo tie. I was ready to show!    

       The only problem was that I didn’t have a clue what to do for each class. I knew I needed help so I talked my parents into letting me go watch a horse show. My brother dropped my friends and me off early in the morning. After watching the seemingly endless halter classes, we got bored and decided to wander around a little. Then we stumbled onto the trail arena. Now that was interesting! Trail fascinated me. I watched those horses and riders carefully. I could do this! Belle was a great Trail horse!  Trail would be our class! I already pictured the blue ribbon hanging from Belle’s bridle.  

       The big day came and we all arrived at the show grounds after a long ride to get there. (Yes, we rode our horses to the show. How else would we get there?) I was getting frustrated after not placing in my first few classes (Wrong lead? What’s a lead?). Finally, it was time for the trail class.  My chance to shine. The judge carefully explained the course- Walk over the logs and bridge- jog through the cones- pick up the slicker and put it down again- lope, left lead, from cone A to cone B-walk through the tractor tire-side-pass over the telephone pole and you’re done. Ok, fine, all pretty straightforward. We can do all that. Oh wait-What? Side-pass!  What’s a side-pass?     Some very quick conversations ensued between us stable mates. Together we decided how to handle the side-pass obstacle.  When my turn came, Belle and I stepped onto the course… To read the remainder of this article go to-



Horses4Heroes wants you!  Horses4Heroes was created especially for the families of military personnel, veterans, fire fighters, law enforcement officers, critical care and hospice nurses and other heroes in our community!  If you or your kids love horses, this is the program for you!

            Founded in 2006 and based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Horses4Heroes, Inc. is enriching lives and empowering local youth and their families by offering able-bodied, affordable horseback riding programs that emphasize fun and safe activities with horses, mounted and un-mounted for all ages.  Participants learn valuable leadership and teamwork skills, make new friends, and develop a lifelong love of horses!

            In addition to discount horseback riding lessons, our programs may include, HorsePlay, a “Mommy and Me” activity for 2-6 year olds, Operation Free Ride, a hosted free riding session, and StayStrong, a support program for families and individuals. 

            Membership in Horses4Heroes is just $25 per family for Heroes (Las Vegas Heroes pay $50) and $100 for Friends.  Members receive Horses4Heroes t-shirts, a membership badge and a directory of instructors, riding facilities, retailers and other businesses who support the organization.  Horses4Heroes members are eligible for discounted riding lessons from local instructors.  The program focuses on all aspects of horse care including ground fundamentals as well as riding.  Both English and Western riding disciplines are offered, along with beginning rodeo and gymkhana (barrel racing, pole bending, dummy roping, goat tying).  Members also learn valuable leadership and teamwork skills. All ages are welcome.

            Horses4Heroes is also looking for kid-friendly, family friendly facilities to join our national network and help us fulfill our mission to make horseback riding affordable and accessible to these families whose daily sacrifices keep us safe and free. 

            For more information, call (888) 987-4376 (9US-HERO) or visit our Web site at

            CRK TRAINING STABLE is proud to be the newest program member of HorsesforHeroes. If you are a hero check us out. Or if you know someone who is a hero have them call today!


 Show Group~

          Show season will soon be upon us. Make sure you are working toward your goals so you will be ready to compete! Openings still exist in the Show Group Fridays at 4:00pm. This group lesson included showmanship and riding skills with an emphasis on showing. $180.00 month.

            Beginning in March riders may take an additional 1/2 hour lesson to allow for more time to work on equitation and patterns. Cost for the 1.5 hr class is only an additional $55.00 per month.  That’s less than $13.00 per week!

            Effective February 1, 2012 show group will not be cancelled due to weather. In the event that we are unable to ride, class will be held on other aspects of showing such as- grooming for show, leg wrapping, clipping, banding, braiding, bathing, or we may watch videos about showmanship, horsemanship etc.
 Show Meeting~

            The Annual CRK Show Meeting will be held on Friday February 24th at 7:00PM. This informative meeting is open to all clients and will give you the information you need to show this season.  Show schedules and rates will be discussed and we will select which shows to attend this year. And there are always free refreshments!  Please let us know if you plan to attend so we can be sure to have enough handouts and snacks!


February Trivia Challenge~

  1. 1.     Where is the Gullet on an English Saddle?
  2. 2.     T or F- Leather should never be allowed to get wet.
  3. 3.     How many “Irons” does a saddle have?
  4. 4.     Why are English and Western saddles different?
  5. 5.     Name as many parts that have the same name on both english and western tack.
  6. 6.     What is a “split rein”?
  7. 7.     What is a “throat latch?
  8. 8.     Where is the seat jockey?
  9. 9.     What should you do after you clean your saddle?
  10. 10.  How often should you clean your bridle?
    Answers to all these questions will be given during the free class-

 How Tacky! Horse Tack and It’s Care to be held on February 12, 2012. RSVP to reserve your spot.  See below for more information. Answers will also appear in next month’s edition of the times. Answers to January Trivia Challenge- 1. What color were the 100 horses in the 2012 Rose Parade?  Palomino 2. What was Roy Rogers horse Named? Trigger 3. What breed was Roy Rogers Horse?  American Saddlebred 4. What is the highest part of the horses back called?   It should be the withers, but sometimes the croup is higher. 5. How many hocks does a horse have?  Two; one on each hind limb. 6. How many ergots does a horse have? Four, one on each fetlock. However; many horses no longer have ergots at all. 7.  What is a “colt”?  A male baby horse. 8. What is a “pony”? A breed of equine that is not taller than 14.2 hands or 58 inches at the withers. 9. What is the oldest breed of horse? The oldest breed that kept records is the Arabian. 10. What is the difference between a “Paint” and a “Pinto”?  Paint is a breed and pinto is a color.

Free Horse Care Classes~

          Beginning in January, Cheryl will be offering free lecture classes at the stable. These classes will be open to the public, but space may be limited. Classes will be offered every week beginning January 22nd.  Classes will be held at CRK Training Stable Sundays at 2:00-3:00 pm.  An additional class will be offered from 3:00-4:30pm for only $5.00 including handouts, refreshments and a free raffle.  Please reserve your space in advance by calling 714-693-4886 or online at

Topics will be: 

1/29- Hay Mom! What’s for Dinner?- Learn what horses eat, how much to feed them and how often.

Optional Class- Design a feed program for your horse. Discover Body condition Scores and how to use a weight tape. We will also analyze feed samples. ($5.00 fee includes refreshments)

2/5- How Tacky!- Saddles, Bridles and other tack- Their selection and care. Optional Class-Tack cleaning and inspection. Bring your tack or learn to clean using our. Tack inspection included. You can even bring your horse for a tack fit evaluation. ($5.00 fee includes refreshments)

2/12- Bits and Bits and Bits and Bits– Bit use, care and selection.

Optional Class- Demonstration ride showing how different bits work. ($5.00 fee includes refreshments)

 2/19- Ouchies and other worries– Routine health care and Equine First Aid Optional Class- How to take temperature, pulse and respiration rates, check capillary refill and bandage wrap legs. ($5.00 fee includes refreshments)

2/26- Mommy can I have a Pony?- How to purchase a horse.

Optional Class- Common conformation faults and how to evaluate a horses way of going. ($5.00 fee includes refreshments)

            Please pass this information on to any who you feel would be interested. Thank You!

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­That’s All For Now~



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